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The biggest advantage of the Patent Morse Slow Feeder is simplicity, there is no other slow feeder that is so easy to load the hay into. No handling of anything but the hay being thrown in. Mounts on many types of fences, the nets remove/change in minutes and they are built heavy duty to withstand the abuse horse can cause. There are other stationary feeders that are as easy to load but no slow net feeders. The slow feeding has recently gained in popularity because of numerous health advantages to the horse when their consumption is slowed down but due to the effort required to load all other slow feeders we’ve seen, most people with more than just a couple horses won’t take the time to feed with a slow feeder. All the different slow feeders we’ve ever found require a lot of time and energy to fill twice every day. Some of the benefits for the horse are reduced chances of ulcers, less behavioral issues from boredom if feed is gone too soon, better weight management, less likely to impact their digestive system.

"I am absolutely in love with how this slow grazer feeder works and looks!! It makes feeding so much easier and the hay is no longer being stomped into the ground, which saves so much money on your hay bill! Horses seem to really like it too!"

Trina Widmer, Widmer Performance Horses

"We recently had the opportunity to try a Morse Slow Feeder and we love it! It eliminates hay waste, while keeping food in front of the horse for a longer period of time, which makes for a healthier horse! They are easy to mount, easy to fill and in a pasture setting, they eliminate the need to walk into a pen of hungry horses and all the risks that go along with that! We will definitely be customers in the future!"

Jennifer Ballard of Supercharge Performance Horses

I have the pleasure of having a couple Of these feeders at my house... By far the easiest most convenient slow feeder and the clean up is minimal! Which, as an owner of 12 head of horses, less clean up and knowing that my money is not going to waste on feed is a big bonus!!! I have been on the hunt for a safe clean feeder for several years and these have my stamp of approval! Thank you Kindra and Dan Morse!

Lindsay Schulz

"We just purchased two of these and they are AWESOME!! Everyone with horses should have these. No mess, no fuss, no flipped over feeders, no chasing barrels across the corral or trudging through the corral to the feeders. AND best of all no piles of wasted hay!!"

- Cheryl R. - 

What is The Morse Metals Slow Feeder?

Finally a way to slow feed your horse without any of the hassle!! Just throw the hay in and walk away! This easy to load slow feeder is perfect for any setting or pasture -  feeding several or mounted on a stall front! There is virtually no wasted hay and so you'll save you money too!

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Check out the video below to see the Patent Morse Slow Feeder in action - it's simple to install and easy to use!