About Us

We are a rodeo family that strives to take the best care of our athlete animals we can. We started feeding all of our horses with Slow Feeding hay nets and found that with running a ranch and raising 3 kids feeding 8 horses this way was very time consuming as well as difficult in Washington state winter weather.

Dan Morse set out to create a feeder that was:

  • simple and efficient to load
  • provided health benefits
  • saved hay cost
  • was ‘horse friendly’

Initially this was just to meet our personal farm life needs however we quickly realized we wanted to share this product with others passionate about the health and safety of the horses they love! Thus, Morse Custom Fabrication was born!

Our goal is to build products developed by horse owners for horse owners. The focus will always be on building solutions for horse health and safety while saving money and making horse ownership easier!

The first product we are introducing is the Patent Pending Morse Slow Feeder, learn more at http://morsecustomfab.com!

Feel free to message us with any questions!